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We are so blessed to get to know so many thriving women and help them capture an array of life-changing moments! We've planned lifestyle branding productions for the woman who is building an empire... full service beauty experiences for the woman who just wants to be uplifted and express her spirit...  private boudoir sessions for brides ready to give their all to the men they love... and glorious maternity shoots for women walking into the joy of motherhood! 

No matter what stage you're stepping into in life, we want to celebrate the art of Y.O.U! Check out our portfolio to re-discover your reason to celebrate... and contact us to experience our one-of-a-kind touch and how we will lift up 'Woman'! 

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GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL PARK, CO | personal branding  

BriJoRae' Productions took photos and video at one of my traveling yoga retreats in May 2019 and I am so happy with the services I received  Not only did they take photos and videos for me, but they also did all my social media posts for the entire retreat along with helping me set things set up for my clients and so much more! During the styled business photo shoot we did, Bri was very helpful in getting me into the right angles for the camera! She even reminded me to straighten my knees and point my toes, and as a yoga instructor that's very important for my photos! The pictures I got back after the retreat are so amazingly beautiful! Every single photo looks amazing! What's even more amazing is the response I am getting on my social media pages as I post each photo! I am now getting more likes and commentary on my business posts than I ever have! I am so grateful for my new relationship with BriJoRae' Productions and I'm really happy with their work!

-Christina Hunter


I've got two businesses. In one I sell a product- florals and the other is a service- my expertise in facilitating, coaching and speaking with individuals and teams. The service side is harder to explain, but with Bri's personal branding photo shoot, I received a plethora of images that speak to not only to my work and how it can help my clients but even tells a story about who I am and what I enjoy so I can begin relating to my clientele on a more personal level. But it didn't stop there. Not only did Bri give me the imagery, but she's also teaching me how to use these images in my presentations, social media, website, etc. so I can continue helping people live their strengths. Bri also captured my floral work through beautifully colored images, so now I can share my work consistently, which will helps me drive an audience and ultimately customers! Bri captured me and thus my work in such a creative and personal way that I can now market who I am rather than just what I do!

-Kristen O'Shea

TOPEKA, KS | personal branding  


Owner of O'Shea Strengths & Kristen O'Shea Florals

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