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Did You Know We Plan Intimate Destination Weddings!?

Story by Entyse M. Pusch-Zuniga

After getting married in Seattle, WA, our love of destination weddings grew immensely! We were inspired to share the experience of venturing out with your soul mate, to help others see the beauty of God’s design, joined together with the one they love. On top of experiencing hiking through mountains and valleys with my wife, Bri, it was amazing to have shared the experience with a such a close-knit group of our family and friends.

(Our Wedding was shot by family friend Sarah Morrison; waterfall images taken at Latourell Falls in Portland, OR)

Before you check out this article from The Knot on their top 50 destinaction wedding locations, check out some of our fun moments from our trek up Rattlesnake Ledge, the site of our 2016 nuptials- oh, and no, there were no rattlesnakes... but you’ll see some of the bravest chipmunks any mountain has ever known!



Check out these awesome destination wedding locations from The Knot!



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