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From my heart to yours...

Hi, I'm BriJoRae'

It's a name I was given. JoRae' is my middle name, created special by my mother. It means family. Bri is the name God gave me. A friend started calling me Bri instead of Brittany the moment he met me. I'd laugh. The name didn't seem to fit me. Then one day, while ministering to me, my pastor told me God would make me royalty in His kingdom… I wanted to believe it, but what did it really even mean? Seemingly unconnected, the thought came to my mind, “What does Bri mean???” And as Google would reveal, it meant ‘Royalty.’ Some call this coincidence.

I call Him God.

Now, run that back in proper order- BriJoRae'... ...Royal Family.


A queen is nothing without her kingdom. After 15 years in the industry, this little business has become my piece of God’s kingdom. And somewhere along the way, He graced me with a king to help me care for His kingdom. A man I've fallen passionately, deeply in love with. Not only does Ty serve as our financial director and assistant videographer, but he is also an 11-year veteran in the Army National Guard and a member of the Enlisted Association of the Kansas National Guard where he aids in efforts to increase resources and care for other veterans. 


Ty and I travel, serve and build together... live and learn- together. He has inspired a whole new outlook inside my heart and God has graced us to move mountains together.

And together... we want to help move you and those you love - forward. 

My husband will give you his strength... and I want to give you my sight. Alongside our team, we will surround you with love as you walk into a whole new design of what love and truth are for you!

God bless you....

-Bri & Ty (because women always sign for their hubbies...)

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you."

                                                                           (Sol. 4:7)



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